Lennis’ Story.

Lennis' Journey to a Brighter, More Confident Smile .

When Lennis first visited Mint Springs Dentistry, he brought with him a smile that held decades of history—a cap on his front tooth since 1974, to be exact. Despite the longevity of his dental work, Lennis desired a change that could match his evolving, outgoing personality.

Under the compassionate care of Dr. Noemi Cruz-Orcutt and the dedicated team at Mint Springs, Lennis embarked on a transformative dental journey. Keen on harnessing the latest advancements in dentistry, Dr. Cruz-Orcutt recommended a modern solution that replaced Lennis’s older dental work with brilliant, lifelike replacements. The results? A radiant smile that truly reflects Lennis’s rejuvenated spirit.

Since the treatment, Lennis hasn’t just noticed the aesthetic improvements. His new smile has bolstered his confidence, encouraging him to engage more actively in social settings and embrace life with renewed vigor. The comprehensive and meticulous approach by Dr. Cruz-Orcutt and her team ensured that every aspect of Lennis’s care was tailored to meet his unique needs and expectations.

Today, Lennis can’t help but share his positive experience at Mint Springs Dentistry. He appreciates not only the skilled hands that crafted his new smile but also the warm, educational environment that the clinic provides. Every visit is an opportunity to learn something new about dentistry and the possibilities it holds for enhancing one’s life.

For Lennis, his journey with Mint Springs Dentistry has been about more than just teeth—it’s about a team that cares deeply and a doctor who goes beyond the ordinary to find extraordinary solutions for her patients.