In The Community.

At Mint Springs Dentistry, our dedication to community wellness goes beyond providing top-notch dental care. We believe in actively contributing to the enrichment of our community, creating lasting impacts that promote not only oral health but also cultural and artistic prosperity. Our involvement in local initiatives and partnerships reflects our commitment to fostering a vibrant, healthy community for all.

One of the enriching initiatives we proudly support is the River City Sculptures on Parade, Inc., a non-profit charitable organization that transforms Mason City into an open-air art gallery. This innovative program, part of the SculptureOne Partner Network, brings public art into the heart of our community, enhancing its beauty and cultural depth. Through a 1.9 mile self-guided walking tour, residents and visitors alike can experience an array of permanent and rotating sculptures, contributing to a unique urban landscape that stimulates creativity and community engagement.

These rotating sculptures, owned by artists and loaned to the exhibit for a year, add a dynamic element to the city’s artistic offering. Between June 1 and September 1, the public is encouraged to vote for their favorite piece. The sculpture garnering the most votes is awarded the “People’s Choice Award” and is purchased by the City of Mason City to enrich its permanent collection. By supporting the River City Sculptures on Parade, Mint Springs Dentistry is honored to play a role in celebrating and perpetuating the arts within our community, reflecting our belief that a healthy community thrives not just physically but culturally as well.